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Traditional Drawing Tools

Although I work on the computer 90% of the time, I still will draw something by hand and scan into the computer for the pure enjoyment of it!

Drawing Tools

Uni KH-20 Hand Crank Wooden Pencil Sharpener - Black

This is by far my favorite pencil sharpener. This baby can sharpen everything from graphite pencils to compressed charcoal. It gives a really long taper that compares to blade and sandpaper. It does not over sharpen, this means you pencils last longer. I use this in my live studio drawing classes that I teach and have my students pick them up.

Highly Recommend


AS2M (1053121), Long Point Sharpener, sharpens in 2 steps; 2 spare blades includes. With lead pointers for 2 mm and 3.2 mm.

This is a great choice for a pocket pencil sharpener. This will give you a long taper as well. However, really soft leads can break.

Highly Recommend

Palomino Blackwing 602 - 12 Count

The mythical Palomino's have storied history. Animator's and writer's swear by them. Well I must admit they are buttery smooth. They come in different degrees of hardness. The softest is the Palomino Blackwing Pencils. I love both!

Highly Recommend


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Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen, Includes 2 Black Ink Refills (GFKP3BPA)

This is a great brush pen for traveling. I use this for portable sketchbook work.

Highly Recommend

Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen - Extra Fine

This is another great option. This is rated as a waterproof brush, but it may bleed a little on different surfaces. Allow to completely dry ti minimize the bleeding.

Highly Recommend

Uni-Ball UM 153 Signo Broad Point Gel Pen - White - Pack of 3

These are one of my go to pens for white highlights on toned paper. 

Highly Recommend