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I have compiled a list of my favorite accessories. I have a range of things here at different price points. But, remember ergonomics is not something you want to go cheap on!

Input Accessories


Plus Ergo Grip for Wacom Pro and Grip Pen Stylus

I love this little accessory for the Wacom grip pens. Streamlined ergonomic design, with a slot open for the pen trigger. I own several of these

Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

This is the exact accessory, but for a Apple Pencil. It changes the balance of the pencil, but it is not a problem for me.


iNTUOS4 Pen Pro Accessory Kit

This is the same conceptual idea as the Plus Ergo, but it comes with extra nibs, sleeve, and trigger.

Important: The sleeves in this kit do not have a slot for trigger.