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There is strength in numbers

Why Go It Alone!


DIGITAL PAINTING TIPS is all about being a hyper-supportive  community—no Divas allowed! If you want to ENCOURAGE and be ENCOURAGED, this is the home for you.



Isolation kills momentum and growth! You will be stunned at how much faster you’ll grow once you are connected!


Carolina Tello

"Robert is a fantastic teacher. He is a wealth of knowledge and he knows exactly how to present the material so it is easy to follow and implement as you learn. He was instrumental in getting me started on digital painting and it is now what I love and do for a living."

-Carolina Tello


His feedback was always tuned to each student and their skill level, and never felt abstract or out of reach.

/  Helen Chen  /


Robyn Chyo

"I'm very grateful to have had Robert be such a positive and influential role in my development as a concept artist!"

-Robyn Chyo

© Robyn Chyo