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Here is a compiled a list of my favorite ergonomic accessories. I have a range of things here at different price points. But, remember ergonomics is not something you want to go cheap on!

Input Accessories


Plus Ergo Grip for Wacom Pro and Grip Pen Stylus

I love this little accessory for the Wacom Grip Pens. Streamlined ergonomic design, with a slot open for the pen trigger. I own several of these

Highly Recommend

Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

This is the exact accessory, but for a Apple Pencil. It changes the balance of the pencil, but it is not a problem for me.

Highly Recommend


iNTUOS4 Pen Pro Accessory Kit

This is the same conceptual idea as the Plus Ergo, but it comes with extra nibs, sleeve, and trigger.

Important: The sleeves in this kit do not have a slot for trigger.  


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IMAK Small Smart Glove with Compression Therapy for Wrist Support

I Highly Recommend this glove! Especially, if you already have wrist issues. It is flexible, this prevents any further damage to your wrist. It is reversible for lefties. 

Highly Recommend

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Wireless - Metallic Blue, Black (VM4RW)

I own this mouse. It is a neutral mouse. The neutral grip helps alleviate compression on tendons and nerves. It takes time to get used to. Buttons are customizable. They come wired and wireless.

Highly Recommend

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse 2.4GHz Optical Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI 800/ 1200/ 1600, 6 Buttons, Black (HV-MS55GT)

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, You may want to try this Havit, or Anker. Same principal neutral grip whenever possible.

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse with FLOW Cross-Computer Control and File Sharing for PC and Mac

This is you next best option to the neutral grip. It is a solid choice for a mouse. I own this mouse as well.


G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Up to 2500 DPI

If you want to stay in the realm of a traditional mouse, Then consider a gaming mouse like this or any other equivalent. I would prefer everyone to use a neutral grip or angled grip mouse. 





60" Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk (Black Frame / Gloss Black Top)

This is a good solution on budget. Allows you to stand or sit. 

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk - 47" wide platform Stand Up Desk Computer Riser with Quick Release Keyboard Tray (L-Size-Black)

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Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat 20 x 39 x 3/4", 7 Colors and 3 Sizes, Perfect for Kitchens and Standing Desks, (Black)

If you stand you will need a mat to help fight fatigue, even if you are on carpet.