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Robert revels

Illustrator | Designer | Professor (Mentor)



Being a student of Robert's was an opportunity I am extremely thankful to have had.

/ Yanare Ku /


 I've learnt so much from him and I have so much to thank him for—being where I am now in my career."

/  Ian Jun Wei Chiew /


"He exudes positivity and humor and if you're lucky enough to bump into him, you'll more than likely find yourself in an engaging, down-to-earth conversation that ends on an inspirational note.

/  Mei Huang  /

Family First! Everything else will fall into place.

Family First! Everything else will fall into place.

I want to teach people how to fish so they can feed themselves. So they can have some control over their future!
— robert revels
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About The


The vision for Digital Painting Tips

Why now? What and Who is this for? Digital Painting Tips was originally meant to support my Current and Former students at the University. Some of my students rose to meteoric success, Bravo! But, there is another group that are struggling to get their footing in the industry. Some feeling shame, apathy, and some downright anger! That is when I decided to launch my vision of DPT. I know I can't save everybody, but I want to at least throw a life raft to. If you are a former student please take advantage of this opportunity.

Knowing there are other aspiring Artist out there that feel the same way as my students—I decided to open this up to everyone. DPT plans to make a difference in those lives of fellow ARTIST.


First Phase is to grow our network of like minded artist. Give as much as I can, by introducing people to things they may not know. 

Phase Two is to start launching classes for the committed individuals who are serious about reaching Their artistic Visions. These people are going to have unprecedented access to me on a more intimate level. More Details to come! 

If you are Interested in being connected with DPT please Sign Up today!